As an Advocate for Public Awareness of Permanent Cosmetics, I’d like to communicate that it takes years to acquire knowledge, technique, and the skill of permanent cosmetics, but it takes only minutes for an inexperienced technician to harm you. When deciding to invest in your facial, corrective or camouflage enhancement, please remember to choose your artist carefully. 30% of people that contact me are for corrections. Check for references, photos and educational background. Cost will depend on the experience of your technician. Technicians pay for their education. In turn you pay for their knowledge and expertise.

Remember, it is not just the years, but the number of procedures performed throughout those years. Find out if your technician is Board Certified, OSHA compliant, current with all organizational and state requirements, and attends continuing education for advancement in the industry.

In visiting my website, I’m confident that you will see the passion, vision, respect, and  pride that I maintain for my profession and clients. Permanent Cosmetics can be intimidating. I invite you to contact me with any questions that you may have so,  you too can say to me as my other clients do, “This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!” Please write to me at any time by clicking on the comments link below. ~ Pam