Permanent Cosmetics, Permanent Makeup, Micropigmentation, Medical Tattooing, Cosmetic Tattooing or any form of application placing pigment into the skin is considered tattooing. The application of every procedure takes technical skill and artistic ability.

I begin by educating my clients on how permanent cosmetics will best accentuate their facial features  being applied to give subtle enhancement, a more dramatic made up look or to restore facial features that have faded with age.

A personalized color analysis discussing your own personal cosmetics application is taken into account, as well as  facial shape, muscle structure, skin undertone, hair and eye color by using art principle and design techniques in order to provide an opinion of cosmetic art that  best compliments you.

Permanent cosmetics is a process the initial application can take up to two hours and is generally arranged in two sessions, corrections may take several applications.    A follow up procedure is included with every first new application appointment, these appointments will be spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart to allow for the healing process. 

Topical Anesthetics are applied to make your procedure as comfortable as possible and aftercare information and provisions are given to each client.

Strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines are followed and all implements used are sterilized, 100% disposable and all supplies used on each client are discarded after their procedure.

“This is a great place” was the written comment made from a Northern NV Heath Inspector.