corrections in permanent makeup

Changing the shape of an existing procedure that needs to be corrected is difficult and at times only the color can be adjusted.

corrections in permanent makeup

Lips are common and very difficult to correct.  It may take several applications in order for the color to look appropriate.

This client had to come in for 2 sessions; the after photo was taken on the return of the client’s first application.
One more corrective application was applied, the client lives out of state and was happy with the end result.
I did not see her for the last finished photo.

corrections in permanent makeupcorrections in permanent makeup

corrections in permanent makeup

Whenever the skin is compromised there will be scarring whether it is laser, salt or chemical lightening.
These are very delicate procedures and should be performed by an experienced physician or a board certified permanent cosmetic specialist.

corrections in permanent makeup

For patients who do not want dermal fillers.
Please note that going above your natural lip line will result in a line of demarcation.
It is recommended to stay within your natural lip line.

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