Pam Horton has been doing permanent makeup in our dermatology practice, Skin Spectrum, located in Tucson, Arizona for the past four years. We invited Pam to be a part of our practice because she consistently does beautiful work, and we can feel confident that our patients will be well taken care of and will love their results. We have seen the work of many permanent makeup artists over the years, and Pam is without a doubt at the top level of her profession. She has an innate aesthetic sense and eye for color, and the precision technical skills to translate that vision into beautiful, natural-looking results.

Pam has many years of experience performing and teaching permanent makeup, and she is highly regarded among her peers and in professional organizations nationally. She is often referred challenging cases that other artists do not feel qualified to manage, and she has done excellent corrective work on a number of our patients. Our biggest vote of confidence in Pam? We have both had permanent makeup done by her, and we couldn’t be happier with the results!
Tina Pai, MD • Jody Comstock, MD
jackieandpaulAs a registered nurse in the cosmetic medical business I refer many people to Pam due to her outstanding professional performance. My husband Paul entrusted Pam to do my permanent cosmetics as a gift for my birthday. I am an outdoor person that loves to hike, camp, cycle and do water sports. It is so nice to have some color and not look washed out. My make up no longer runs after being in the water or sweating during exertion. I have had so many compliments regarding my face since Pam has applied my make up permanently 6 yrs ago. I’ve actually had strangers come up to me and say, “nice eyebrows!” Pam excels in her profession and I’m very happy with my permanent make up.
Jackie Phillips RN, MEP-C Paul Phillips MD
Laser Center of Carson Valley lasercenterofcarsonvalley.com
Sean Degnan
I am a physician who has resided in Lake Tahoe for over ten years. After hearing nothing but positive results from Pam’s prior clients, I decided to introduce myself to her and spend an afternoon observing her talents. I was so impressed that I began referring her patients and now many years later I am pleased to report I have never had a single person not be pleased with the results! Patients appreciate her artistry, and I respect her strict adherence to the ethics and standards expected from her profession.
Sean Degnan MD
Cosmetic Dermatology

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